About Dr. Yaroslawitz

Dr. S. Yaroslawitz, DSc OTR/L directs Hands Full, Inc., an occupational therapy practice that has offices in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Monsey, N.Y. The practices provide occupational therapy for children, adolescents and adults and focus on a myriad of treatment techniques, with particular focus on visual perceptual and visual motor development, cognitive development and behavior management for children who are both typically developing or who present with disabilities. Besides direct care, Dr. Yaroslawitz teaches behavior management courses to parents, teachers, school principals and clinicians to empower their management skills in the area of children’s behavior and development. She recently authored the books, Are Your Hands Full, Volume I and II, a step-by-step guide of behavior management of children ages 0-10 and adolescents ages 10-18.

Hands Full, Inc. is committed to the provision of community education in the area of behavior management and cognitive development of children who are developing both typically and atypically. Education is provided both during direct client care and in formal education settings, with the expressed purpose of teaching caretakers to establish and maintain the appropriate rapport with children, so that maximum development can be achieved.