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Hands Full, Inc. provides learning activities that contain introductory content levels, to cater to classroom teachers and principals for mastery of behavior management of children and adolescents.  All activities are authored and taught by Dr. S. Yaroslawitz, DSc, OTR/L.  Instructor evaluation forms are completed by learners at the conclusion of each activity.  Registration for all continuing education activities provided by Hands Full, Inc. is open to all learners regardless of gender, age, socioeconomic or ethnic background, or disability.

The live format of Are Your Hands Full in the Classroom consist of a six-hour one-day seminar accompanied by a 30 page booklet and POWER POINT presentation, which are directed to principals and classroom teachers.  The seminar includes highly informative lectures along with lively interactive discussions, which present the theoretical constructs and step-by-step application of behavior management of students, which are presented in clear, recipe format.  The program presented throughout the course, if followed, produces educators who are empowered to competently managing their student’s behaviors.

The lectures of Are Your Hands Full in the Classroom include thorough discussions of pertinent topics such as establishing rapport and authority in the classroom, student acceptance of authority, the link between mastery and self-esteem, trust and learning, consistency, conditioning words to action, student testing behaviors, student safety and security, communication skills, and reinforcer techniques.

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